POETRY: Saima Harmaja: Sairas I-IV (Sick I-IV)

So I felt like translating some Finnish poems today.


The small stars in agony
take a look at the city line.
Today I'm so tired
for these silent pains of mine.

Once, long ago
I had a burning dream.
The waving stars in the sky 
dashed right on me.

It's been too long.
- Now I pray
that only for a moment
I could sleep today.

Only animals complain,
I don't get to.
The ground's a dark view.
And death creeps around
hunting for you.
I'm a human. Awful sobbing in my chest
and rustling, rustling steps I listen to.
I'm a human. Let God hear my heart screaming,
death, sneaking death may not hear it though.

Oh God, my broken wings
take them into your hands!
I've flown too far away,
I'm lost in these lands.

I've flown with victorious wings
dazzling through the air,
by a thousand solar systems,
I saw all, went everywhere.

Now on the edge of the last sky
and on the edge of the land of death
I only quietly shiver
and pray with my last breath.

For so long, so long I laid this way,
drowsy head towards the light of day.
The clouds in the sky,
the forest all awry.
Since my first thoughts, already laid here,
my head towards the clouds that disappear.
Oh, are you dead, God,
I no longer long from the mud,
my broken wings don't shudder,
though I've seen the clouds ascend.
Oh God, am I already dead,
I don't care if the sun rises,
or if my eternal dusk falls
over my warm bed.


Heli Kajo - Jos Mä Kuolen Nuorena (If I Die Young)

Heli Kajo Jos mä kuolen nuorena English translation

Lihamestari Tarmo - Kikkeli kutistuu (The Willy Shrinks)

There's no longer a youtube video for this :( Check it out on Spotify etc.

Lihamestari Tarmo Kikkeli kutistuu English translation